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Pro Console Repair

We offer Local and mail in repair services for PlayStations,

Xboxs, and Nintendo systems including the Switch.

Repairs available include but not limited to:

HDMI Port Broken/ No Video Output/ Cracked Screen
Disk Drive Eject Broken / Not Taking Disks
Disk Drive Not Reading Disks
No Power / Power Loss
Overheating / General Maintenance
Software Corrupt / Error Codes

 Local Drop off prices and services Vary.  Contact the store for details!


Standard Pricing for Mail-in Service includes:
Any Repairs Necessary, General Maintenance, and Return Shipping.

 PlayStation 4 Original and Slim:                                           $110

PlayStation 4 Pro:                                                                         $180

PlayStation 5:                                                                                  $200 

Xbox Series X:                                                                                 $200
Xbox Series S:                                                                                  $140

Xbox One Original and Slim:                                                   $100
Xbox One X:                                                                                     $150

Nintendo Handhelds and Switch (Excluding OLED Model):         $110
Pair of Switch Joy Cons:                                                            $45